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▶️ Watch: Angela Clay's WTTW interview on fighting for affordable housing in Uptown
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What Are Angela's Priorities?

Angela will fight for rent control, to retain all current affordable units, and seek more.
Angela will fight for social justice in an increasingly unfair city where people of color face greater inequities & discrimination.
Angela supports sustainable community schools and will access supports for small businesses, environmentally healthy living, local services, & support for all people’s needs in the 46th ward.
Angela is deeply committed to retaining the great diversity of cultures, languages, experiences & people.

Make a Contribution!

Angela has the combination of lived experience, proven commitment, education, and knowledge gained in a leadership role to fight for affordable housing in City Council.

Alan Mills

Director, Uptown People’s Law Center

Angela has my vote because she will be the voice, the change and the catalyst towards re-imagining Uptown with black and brown communities and the youth and their families at the core.

Darius R. Parker

Professor, DePaul University