Angela Clay talks to vendors at the Voice of the People Juneteenth event


I grew up in the public schools of the 46th Ward.  Our schools should be a place where all of the city’s children can thrive.  Education is a gateway to future opportunities, yet our children face many inequities in a system that continues to deprive students of color of adequate resources for their communities and their schools.  All students deserve equal access to valuable resources that ensure their educational success, physical safety, and emotional wellbeing. Our schools should ensure that children and their families are empowered to participate fully in the educational process and provide environments that serve to address existing inequities.

As alderperson, I will fight to:

  • End student-based budgeting that serves to exacerbate the financial inequities across the City. Replace it with needs-based budgeting to ensure equitable resources for students of all races and incomes across the city.
  • Ensure culturally relevant curricula that highlights African American, Latinx, Asian, and indigenous history & culture, and pursue full funding for the Teaching Equitable Asian American Community History Act (TEAACH Act)
  • Support and empower strong grassroots representation of parents, students, and community members on a fully elected school boards for CPS and Chicago City Colleges by 2025. 
  • Support Uplift Community High School in becoming the designated neighborhood high school for Uptown.
  • Transform CPS into a Sustainable Community School District. 
  • Build a Sustainable Community School Village that connects the ward’s only high school, Uplift, the ward’s only High School and the only Sustainable Community School, to the local elementary schools and  Truman College to provide a continuous ecosystem of support from pre-K through community college.

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