Angela Clay at Buttercup Park

Environment & Sustainable Communities

As a mother, I believe that the 46th ward can and must become a place where children thrive not just today but for generations to come. With rising temperatures and increasingly extreme weather events due to climate change, we need to change the status quo to ensure a healthy world for our children to live in. The path to a livable world for our children starts with a livable ward. We deserve a home where green spaces thrive and where walking, biking, and using public transit are safe, accessible, reliable, and pleasant experiences. 

As alderperson, I will fight to:

  • Push the city and CTA to make bus & train frequencies transparent while current staffing issues persist, increase benefits to recruit and retain enough operators to make our buses and trains reliable, and increase frequencies, including for wheelchair shuttle services.
  • Improve our pedestrian & bike infrastructure so that everyone from children to seniors can have full mobility without the risks that greenways, unconnected bike lanes, or uncut curbs bring to our neighbors.
  • Re-establish the Department of the Environment to bring best practices from around the world to make Chicago a model of environmental sustainability and liveable communities.
  • Implement the necessary reforms for Chicago to fully decarbonize and achieve 100% zero carbon energy by 2030, including establishing sustainable building codes, promoting local energy generation, expanding access to energy efficiency programs, and municipalizing ComEd.
  • Provide resources for mutual aid networks, food kitchens, and other efforts to create sustainable access to health food for all resident.
  • Provide opportunities for residents to connect to the earth by protecting the Montrose bird sanctuary, expanding community gardens, and providing ways for residents to learn about local wildlife and nurturing plants.

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