Angela Clay volunteering weekly with NA4J (Northside Action for Justice) at Mutual Aid events


My family has always relied on public health facilities including the hospitals and health services in the 46th ward. My grandfather suffered a heart attack that was caught just in time by the amazing doctors at Weiss Memorial Hospital.  The City of Chicago’s long history of dismantling and neglect of its public healthcare infrastructure has been devastating for families and is why Covid-19 hit some of our neighborhoods particularly hard.  We lost approximately 200 of our Uptown neighbors to the virus.  This lack of infrastructure also makes regular doctor visits and medications harder to get to or afford for all residents. Those left struggling with mental health or addiction are too often criminalized instead of given the help they need. We must urgently address the healthcare inequities in our city, ensure that neighborhoods are properly resourced, and provide access to health care for all residents, rich and poor. 

As alderperson, I will fight to:

  • Reopen & expand the services of public health facilities to ensure accessibility for all of the city’s residents, especially expecting mothers, new mothers, and caregivers. 
  • Rebuild our gutted public health infrastructure to better respond to and prepare for public health crises through initiatives.
  • Take the Vaccine to the People Ordinance. 
  • Provide infrastructure that supports optimal health for all community members, including access to lead-free drinking water and the availability of cooling stations in the warmer months.

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