Angela Clay walking with daughter at Lift the Ban Rally

Affordability, Housing, and Homelessness

I know firsthand how important it is for families to be able to live and thrive in the community. Growing up in the community my family was able to thrive because of affordable housing. In recent years, family and friends I grew up with can no longer afford to live in this community. And many of our neighbors are experiencing homelessness, something that has touched people in my life firsthand. 

Renters and owners alike know that affordability leads to more cohesive communities, which helps the vibrancy and safety of all our neighborhoods. I will work to protect and expand affordable housing options, strengthen protections for tenants, and work to fund programs to find-long term housing for those who are unhoused. 

As the former president of a 51-year-old organization that protects and provides affordable housing, I’ve worked with tenants councils, non-profit staff and board, investors, and government offices to ensure the longevity of affordable housing options right here in our ward. 

As Alderperson I will:

  • Continue to advocate for the Bring Chicago Home Ordinance which will create a dedicated revenue stream for homeless support services
  • Preserving and creating low-cost housing to ensure everyone can afford to live and thrive in our community 
  • Implement an inclusive, accessible, and community-driven zoning process that takes into account the longevity of our communities 
  • Pass the Just Cause Eviction ordinance to strengthen protections for renters and prevent no-cause eviction. 
  • Support lifting the state ban on rent control
  • Ensure we address city finances through progressive revenue and end our reliance on property taxes which contributes to displacement and places an undue burden on individuals. 

“After experiencing Angela’s leadership as President of Voice of the People and seeing her put her public policy degree to work in the community, I know Angela will be an incredible Alderperson because she really is a bridge-builder. She wants everyone to grow roots in this community whether you’ve lived in the ward for generations or just moved here.”

Lindsay Smith, 46th ward resident and former
Voice of the People Board member 

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