Angela Clay walking with daughter at Lift the Ban Rally

Housing & Land Use

In my own lifetime, the 46th Ward has seen rapid change at the hands of developers pricing out families who’ve lived here for generations and individuals just trying to get by. This change was facilitated by the previous alderman, who approved 2,000+ luxury units throughout the Ward, while more than 1,000 Single Resident Occupancy (SRO) units were destroyed and family-sized units became increasingly too expensive for working class people. We must fight this dynamic and create a 46th Ward where poor & working class families can thrive by prioritizing housing development for them and keeping rents affordable for all. 

As alderperson, I will fight to:

  • Ensure the creation of as many new units of low-cost housing for poor and working families and preserve the low-cost housing that exists in the Ward now.
  • Pass the Just Cause Eviction ordinance to strengthen protections for renters and prevent no-cause eviction, which is a tool often used by large developers to flip properties while displacing our neighbors.
  • Pass the Bring Chicago Home Ordinance to help our unhoused neighbors in the ward and city find long-term housing.
  • Push the State of Illinois to Lift the Ban on rent control and be ready to pass a Chicago Rent Control ordinance to regulate how much rents can be raised year-to-year

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