Angela Clay hanging out with Uptown residents in Buttercup Park

Immigrant Rights & Services

My family has lived in this ward for four generations including my great grandparents who settled here from Germany. The 46th Ward historically has been a place where immigrants, migrants, and refugees have arrived and built viable communities. The Ward became home for a wide range of ethnic and racial communities, as well as the community organizations and social service agencies that serve them. The rising costs of rents has forced many of these organizations to move or even close down permanently, leaving ward residents without access to needed support and services. 

As Alderperson, I will work to:

  • Strengthen and expand Chicago’s Welcoming City ordinance through active support for refugee and asylum services, the development of sanctuary schools, and the elimination of the loopholes that permit the Chicago police to cooperate with ICE.
  • Ensure that 46th Ward residents, regardless of immigration status, have full access to healthcare, public services, and public programs, as well as language interpretation services needed to access them.
  • Work to ensure translation services are accessible through the Alderperson’s office as well as available in schools and when accessing other government services. 
  • End racist violence against communities of color, including Asian, African, Latinx and Indigenous communities through concrete, fully-funded initiatives, such as bystander training workshops.
  • Integrate the needs of queer and disabled immigrants into all of the work pursued in the ward.  

“The 46th ward is incredibly diverse. Many immigrants and refugees– including from across Asia– are a part of our community. Asian American Midwest Progressives is proud to endorse Angela because we believe she will lead the ward in a way that is accessible to and inclusive of neighbors from different backgrounds and language needs, regardless their race, income, or immigration status”

Jane Yang, Uptown Resident and member of
Asian American Midwest Progressives

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