Angela Clay hanging out with Uptown residents in Buttercup Park

Public Safety

The trauma that violence brings to our community is all too real, and Chicago has spent far too long trying to stop it after the fact. I firmly believe that the best way to make our communities safe is to make all of our community members safe with the housing, mental health care, jobs training, and violence intervention they need. Investing care, compassion, and resources into our communities is the only way to prevent problems ahead of time and build a community that protects, empowers & sustains all its residents. 

As alderperson, I will fight to:

  • Pass and implement the Treatment not Trauma ordinance to create crisis assistance centers that can send paramedics, counselors, and social workers to help those experiencing a crisis find their balance and remain in the community with support.
  • Implement community control of the police and accountability for harm to residents through supporting & strengthening the newly-formed Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability
  • Direct funding from ineffective policing initiatives and reinvest in low-cost housing, education, jobs, health & human services, youth programs, and other efforts that proactively reduce violence.
  • End the Shotspotter contract & invest in Peacebook, other community-based violence interruption programs and youth employment programs.
  • Erase the gang database that unfairly targets and negatively impacts many innocent young people of color.

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