Angela was born and raised in Uptown – continuing her family’s tradition of 80+ years living here in the 46th Ward of Chicago. She successfully advocates for tenant rights, young people’s needs, elderly services, and peace & unity in the community.

Angela graduated from our own Uplift Community High School, where she became a student leader challenging unfair discipline policies and co-founding VOYCE (Voices Of Youth In Chicago Education) to research why students were dropping out of high school in CPS.

She earned her B.A. from DePaul University in Public Policy & Urban Issues, and went on to serve as the youngest Board President of Voice of the People, our local affordable family housing non-profit of 51 years.

A former Brennemann student herself, she recently became a member of Brennemann Elementary’s LSC (Local School Council) to advocate for all of the children and families that attend it.

Angela Clay’s passion and life’s work has been dedicated to serving all of our neighbors no matter your nationality, income, religion, or gender.