Transportation and Street Safety and Accessibility

Access to a range of safe modes of transportation is critical to ensure access to jobs, schools, services, and our businesses. I travel through this ward and city in a range of ways and its essential that everyone is able to access safe, reliable transportation.  I know that drivers, bikers, riders, and pedestrians can coexist with proper planning. Smart transportation planning helps our residents, visitors, and small businesses.

As Alderperson I will work to: 

  • Invest in safe street infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians including protected bike lanes, curb bump-outs, and other physical infrastructure changes,s well as advocate for a city bike grid
  • Advocate for the City of Chicago to take responsibility for plowing the city sidewalks 
  • Push the city and CTA to make bus & train frequencies transparent while current staffing issues persist, increase benefits to recruit and retain enough operators to make our buses and trains reliable, and increase frequencies, including for wheelchair shuttle services.
  • Make our public transit safer by ensuring no one needs to rely on trains and buses as a place to stay for the night. 

Endorsed by Better Streets Chicago Action Fund 

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